Sunday, June 13, 2010

Industrial Training May Summary.

Hello there. I know I haven't written here for more than a month now. Like I said before, blogging isn't one of my favourite things. So instead of making a daily summary of what I've been up to, I've decided that for the month of May, I'll do an entire months wrap up with pics only.

Things here are going on well. Progress at the site is moving. Except for some minor delays here and there, work is going on as plan.

This is an aerial view of the site. As can be seen, the precast columns are already up on 2 zones.

The project here uses the Intelligent-Building-Systems of IBS. The slabs, columns and walls are precasted before fitted in place, as can be seen here.

The picture above show the Damp-prove-membrane. It's a plastic sheet that is placed on the ground before concreting works a carried out to prevent water from seaping out of the ground in future.

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