Sunday, June 13, 2010

Industrial Training May Summary.

Hello there. I know I haven't written here for more than a month now. Like I said before, blogging isn't one of my favourite things. So instead of making a daily summary of what I've been up to, I've decided that for the month of May, I'll do an entire months wrap up with pics only.

Things here are going on well. Progress at the site is moving. Except for some minor delays here and there, work is going on as plan.

This is an aerial view of the site. As can be seen, the precast columns are already up on 2 zones.

The project here uses the Intelligent-Building-Systems of IBS. The slabs, columns and walls are precasted before fitted in place, as can be seen here.

The picture above show the Damp-prove-membrane. It's a plastic sheet that is placed on the ground before concreting works a carried out to prevent water from seaping out of the ground in future.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Industrial Training Day 16-21

Haven't really had the mood to update my blog much. This week was more towards documentation. Had to key-in and update the existing data for the Inspection Request Forms and also the Work Method Statement.

The Inspection Request Form (IRF) is used to request the respective consultants to carry out inspections on works done before any other works can proceed. Once the works have been inspected, the consultant will either give the go-ahead for further works to continue or order correctional works to be done if faults are found.

The Work Method Statement (WMS) are guidelines written up by the architect or consultants for the Engineers and Contractors on how a certain work should be carried out.

This week I had the opportunity to go along with the M&E engineer, consultant and contractor for an inspection on the pipes done for the underground sanitary services.

On Friday, the YB for this area along with the health director paid a visit to the site to see how things are going on along here.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Industrial Training Day 12-15

DAY 12, 20 APR 2010 (Tuesday)
A quiet day at the office. The bosses were having their meeting with the people from JKR regarding the progress of the construction here. I went around observing the works being carried out at the site.

DAY 13, 21 APR 2010 (Wednesday)
Bosses had their second day of meetings with the JKR people. I observed the installation of additional lighting protection for the i-supervision towers.

The copper rod to which the copper wire is attached to goes down to a depth of about 30 feet (9 metres).

DAY 14, 22 APR 2010 (Thursday)
Observed installation of first floor pre-cast floor slabs.

Some of the perils of working at a construction site:

DAY 15, 23 APR 2010 (Friday)
Assisted in office work and translation of documents from BM to English.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Industrial Training Week 3 Day 11 (19 Apr 2010)

DAY 11 (19 APR 2010)
Into my third week here at Kuala Rompin. After the weekend break, I'm back to this small town. Today was pretty quiet. Nothing much other than the ordinary going on here. Other than my walk around the site in the morning, I manage to have a conversation with the Safety Officer here regarding the role of a Safety & Health Officer. It was pretty interesting hearing what he had to say about being a safety officer. At the end of the conversation with him, I got a better view of what actually a safety officer does and how he goes about his day here. At the same time, I manage to get some info as to the procedure taken in order to obtain the qualifications to become a Safety and Health Officer.